Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis lessons with Jason Hampton

       CardioTennis is a dynamic, fast-paced, fun way to get a great cardiovascular workout, and hone your technical and strategic tennis skills.  It has everything:  a warm-up, dead-ball drills (pro feeding), live-ball drills (competitive point-play situations), and a cool-down session.  Use of orange developmental tennis balls allow for longer points, safety, and more repetitions and opportunities for you to hone your tennis skills.  Students also are involved in continuous movement as they navigate agility ladders, hurdle cones, squat, and shadow stroke during extremely brief wait time.  CardioTennis is a calorie burner, even for the session leader. 

    Trained in CardioTennis, I am eager to provide you with a highly intense, focused, aerobic tennis experience.

     Contact me at 504 881-4809 for information about special pricing for USTA Teams.  A minimum of 6 players is required for a one-hour session.

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