Tennis In the Time of Coronavirus

For many to whom I address this post, actual tennis has been put on hold indefinitely. People are posting social media videos of crafty ways and gadgets they use to keep their skills sharp, or to stave off boredom.

But what about learning the game of tennis at this time? There are plenty of instructional videos at plenty of sites for the general public’s perusal. But if you don’t know the best use of your time, such plentiful options can be daunting.

Let me help you navigate these waters. I will devise your learning plan (1 concept per day/session) and practice, analysis of a professional player embodying the concept you seek to master, your tennis-specific fitness/workout routine, and your mental tennis training session.

I will send you via email my recorded videos of the lesson, workout, and mental tennis training session, and include the links to and written instruction for your video analysis session. That way you can enjoy personalized, socially distanced, balanced tennis instruction during quarantine– All for the low price of $10 per day.

Call 504-881-4809 the day/evening before to receive your customized morning email lesson.