Experience the Joys of the Wandering Clinician

Through Hampton Tennis and Fitness I have had the privilege of working with many different people to meet their tennis needs, whether starting from scratch, getting a good sweat on, or preparing for serious competitive play.  People from all different walks of life, and from diverse places as England, Colombia, Trinidad, Chicago, and Miami have worked with me while visiting New Orleans.  It has been an honor, and I wish to reunite with these people, while looking forward to meeting others in the future.

But meanwhile, I want to bring Hampton Tennis and Fitness to the world.

I will provide quality tennis instruction/training that fits your needs (or that of your team’s) in your neck of the woods.  The Wandering Clinician Program is an assortment of research-based instruction clinics and trainings ranging from strokes, tactics, mental toughness, or fitness.  Choose the sessions that work best for you, and schedule your days and sessions with Jason Hampton.

Each hour and a half course must have a minimum sign-up of four players, and a maximum of six.  Each scheduled day of instruction must include a minimum of 3 classes, or a maximum of 6.

Your sessions will provide you with fast-paced, dynamic instruction with video analysis, use of ball machine, live-ball drills where appropriate, and point play.  Less waiting around, specific feedback and more playing equal impactful gains in your game.

Additionally, I will avail myself for private and semi-private lessons  for anyone interested in extra fine-tuning of your game.

Don’t wait until your next trip to New Orleans.  Bring me to your town for quality, affordable tennis instruction at your doorstep.

Call me today to begin scheduling at 504-881-4809.


Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com